Vaccine Clinic Information

Vaccine Clinics are the second Saturday of each month.

Next Vaccination Clinic is September 14th, 8am-9:45am.

This is a first come-first serve vaccine clinic.

Helpful TIPS to make your vaccine clinic visit go smoothly for you and your pet:

1. Make sure you're already registered as a client. This way we can get you in and out quickly. Call ahead so we can get all your information into our computer system as well as your pet.

2. Make sure we have your pet’s current vaccine history before the vaccine clinic date. They can be faxed to us, emailed or we can contact another clinic to get this information. Even if your pet's vaccines are current or expired all this information will be entered into our records to help keep your pets' vaccinations up to date.

3. Be prepared to be patient. There can be an early line and it does take some time to make sure each pet is getting the proper vaccinations.

4. When you arrive, sign in by clearly printing your name and your pets name and the vaccinations you’d like for us to give your pet. Be sure to take your number to keep your place in line.

5. It can get a bit crowded in the lobby so waiting right outside is certainly an option, especially for dogs or cats that may not enjoy other pets so close or the commotion. We will call for your number outside if we don’t find you in the lobby. Please don’t wander too far. If you don’t respond after several attempts we will move on to the next number to keep things moving.

6. This is a vaccine clinic only from 8am-9:45am. No medical exams are done and the Veterinarian cannot answer medical questions during this time. If your pet has health issues, is not feeling well or you have other concerns please make an appointment for an exam and then you can speak to the Veterinarian about these issues and you can decide together if vaccines are appropriate. 

Hopefully these tips will help you to be in and out quickly and make your visit as smooth as possible.

Thank you for allowing us to take care of your fur family. 

Sierra Pet Clinic Staff 

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