Starting your puppy or kitten off on the right paw is an important step to a long and healthy life. For all new puppies and kittens we recommend a complete physical examination, vaccination series, fecal examination and de-worming. We also recommend feline viral testing for all new kittens and cats entering your household. We can provide behavioral and nutritional guidance during these visits to help ensure your pet is on the right track.

Yearly wellness examinations and heartworm testing (for dogs) are strongly recommended throughout the life of your companion. Dogs and cats age at a much faster rate then their human counterparts. Even if your pet seems healthy age-related diseases and problems can start to develop much sooner than you might expect. Since our canine and feline friends can't talk and tell us how they are feeling we rely on these yearly check-ups to detect diseases and other problems early.

At a certain point in the lives of our pets yearly screening blood and urine testing are recommended as part of a wellness visit for the same reason we recommend physical exams--to detect health conditions early when the odds of treatment success are higher.

Please ask our staff about adult and senior screening lab panels. The yearly exam is also the time to continue

our dialog with you about disease prevention.

For pets on prescription diets or medications these wellness examinations also fulfill the legal requirement

that your pet have a current examination (exam within the preceding 365 days) in order for us to continue

to prescibe these medications or diets. If your dog or cat needs a refill of one of these items but is not current on

his or her exam please call us to schedule an appointment.

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