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Periodontal disease is a common problem in dogs and cats. Up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3. About 28% of cats will develop painful resorptive lesions of the teeth during their lifetime. Periodontal disease is just that--disease. You can't say a dog or cat is truly healthy if their oral cavity is diseased. Your dog or cat also may not show you they are uncomfortable but periodontal disease is painful for your pet. Untreated periodontal disease also leads to organ damage over time. The heart, liver and kidneys all suffer from its effects. The result can be uncomfortable and expensive interventions and can even shorten your pet's life expectancy. The mainstay in preventing oral disease is daily brushing of your pet's teeth. Daily brushing is considered the gold standard for pet oral care. A dental examination by itself or as part of your pet's routine wellness examination is another important component to maintaining your pet's oral health. These exams help us detect problems with your pet's teeth or gums and allow us to advise you as to the best way to care for his or her teeth and gums.

Pet owners should be alerted to potential dental health problems when any of the following signs are noted:

bad breath


pain or difficulty while eating

cracked or missing teeth

dental tartar on teeth

reddened or swollen gums

blood in your pet's oral cavity or in the water or food bowl

If any of these symptoms are noticed or you just want the piece of mind that your pet is receiving the best oral care possible, call to schedule an appointment. During certain months of the year we offer free dental exams to dogs and cats that have a current physical examination on file. During these months we also offer discounts on dental cleanings. Please call Sierra Pet Clinic for details.

We offer both anesthetic and non-anesthetic dental care for both dogs and cats. Anethetic dentals are best for dogs or cats requiring advanced or prolonged cleanings or if more involved procedures are expected (such as extractions or dental radiographs). Also, some dogs and cats do not have the temperment for non-anesthetic dentistry. These determinations are made by your Sierra Pet Clinic Veterinarian. We follow the same anesthetic protocols and procedures for anesthetic dentistry that we follow for other anesthetic surgical procedures. Please visit our surgery pages for more details about these protocols and recommendations for pets undergoing anesthesia.

Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning:

We offer non-anesthetic dental (NAD) cleaning options at Sierra Pet Clinic. A NAD is ideal for dental prophylaxis and for pets with mild to moderate periodontal disease. A NAD may also be a better option for pets that are at high risk of anesthetic complications. Call Sierra Pet Clinic to schedule a visit to discuss what kind of dental care is best for your pet.

Our non-anesthetic dentals are performed once or twice monthly by a visiting contracted veterinary dental technician from Animal Dental Care. In addition to being Licensed Veterinary Technicians these individual have extensive experience with treating periodontal disease without anesthesia and receive more than 800 hours of training in canine and feline dentistry prior to being allowed to perform dental care for pets. For more information about Animal Dental Care, click here!

Call today to schedule your pet’s dental exam and/or procedure.

While daily brushing is ideal we also have several products available such as special diets, chew treats and rinses that can help in the fight against periodontal disease.

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